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Real Racing 3

As UI Lead on Real Racing 3 I have produced and overlooked the User Interface design of the game, which also includes generating and editing marketing material as such.

Concepts :

Special Limited Time Events

in this instance, the feature’s main focus is to get the player involved and engrossed across a continuous time period, in order retain the player across these days. only by completing this event in the allotted time period can the player get the grand prize, which is usually a High End Car.

in order to facilitate this the main highlight should be the car and the time remaining. The time in which these events run are the most active time periods we get during our game.

Car Stats / UI

at a glance the player should be able to judge and read the value of the car by its performance stats and characteristics, along with options they can customize on the car including performance upgrades.

 Performance Upgrades :

Choosing between premium currency and regular currency upgrades


Multi-Car selection Special Events

events in which the player can choose which car he wishes to pursue in order to win for free.

Nascar Series :


Main Menu Revamp

Target outcome was the ability to be able to run multiple special events at once, this meant instead of the traditional one panel highlight menu, we would need a way to incorporate multiple panels simultaneously.

Old Menu :

with LTS running :

New Menu 


Real Racing TV

a new feature which was an ingame menu that hosted the Real Racing TV videos ( a game related tv show which announced new features and had information about real world racing events (formula E) and Lemans etc)

Menu had to categorise and archive videos which were uploaded to YouTube.




with official partnerships with Motorsports organisations the feature required a seperate hub / menu for all things related to real world motorsports.

Motorsports Series within Nascar (parent Motorsport brand)

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