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In 2012, the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society was funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund to launch the Hong Kong Fishpond Conservation Scheme in the New Northwest Territories. In collaboration with local fish farmers, pond habitat management has been implemented in more than 600 hectares to enhance the ecological value of ponds and maintain their appeal to wildlife, especially waterfowl, by providing forage and rooster water. For more details on the new conservation policy, visit the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation website: In 2018, a new MA project was launched in Sha Lo Tung to protect its existing habitats and preserve its natural landscape through restoration and active management. As part of the new conservation policy (NNCP) announced in 2004, funding for the Environmental and Nature Protection Fund (ECF) Management Agreement (MA) is being provided to allow non-governmental organizations to enter into management agreements with landowners to improve the conservation of the 12 priority areas for better conservation. The Hong Kong government announced a “new conservation policy” in November 2004. Twelve areas have been identified for priority conservation and two types of management: the management agreement and the public-private partnership have been proposed to involve non-profit organizations and the private sector in conservation efforts. Two of the priority areas: Ramsar Sites and Deep Bay Wetland outside Ramsar Site are the Hong Kong Fishpond Conservation Scheme Protection Centre. . Recent Progress in implementing the new conservation policy In July 2018, the Landscape Protection Office was established under the direction of the Environmental Protection Agency to coordinate conservation projects and promote sustainable development of isolated landscapes.

The Landscape Conservation Funding Program (CCFS) was also established to enable non-profit organizations and villagers to organize diverse and innovative conservation activities or projects, based on an interactive and cooperative approach, including the NNCP MA program. . New Nature Protection Policy – Public-Private Partnership Pilot Project In June 2011, the ECF committee supported the extension of the MA program to rural park enclaves and private spaces within rural parks to improve conservation. Proposed Agreement on Nature Protection – Nature Protection Management for Long Valley 2012 -2015 . Proposed Nature Management Agreement – High Conservation Value Private Field Management Agreement at Fung Yuen Valley of Special Scientific Interest in Tai Po, Hong Kong (2013 – 2016) The management agreement has been in place since 2012. During the period covered by the 2017-2019 project, a new “Eco-fish” project was introduced into the project. The objective of the project is to raise pond fish with environmentally friendly practices and to encourage the public to raise public awareness and ask for local pond fish. Basic ecological surveys, support activities and educational activities are organized. More arts activities will be organized to increase the diversity of activities and to raise awareness and engage the public in the preservation of fishing ponds and wetlands. The scheme is regularly published annually at fixed times on the CCFS website in order to open ma requests for proposals.

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