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Pick Me Driver Agreement

PickMe was one of the first companies in Sri Lanka to agree to deliver essential items to many people under blockade and trained drivers to take appropriate secondment and prevention measures. The process is simple and safe for both the Flash app user and the PickMe driver. After each taxi ride, a dynamic QR code is generated in the PickMe app on the driver`s mobile device. The passenger simply opens his Flash account app on the phone, click on the QR-Pay option on the app`s home screen and scan the qr code generated in the driver`s app to immediately pay the taxi fare. Highly recommended, excellent service, fair prices and friendly drivers…. Good job…. Can manage your bag and travel all over the country…. Luck PickMe is a taxi application based in Sri Lanka, developed and maintained by Digital Mobility Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The app is currently available for Android and iOS platforms.

A passenger can download and install the app from the App Store in question. When a taxi is requested, it is redirected to the nearest driver via PickMe`s servers, where the driver arrives at the passenger`s site and picks up the passenger. Currently, PickMe has the vehicle options Tuk, Flex (Small Hatchbacks), Mini (Large Hatchbacks), Car (Sedans), Minivan (Microvans can accommodate six passengers) and luxury (VIP) vehicle on its fleet. The app is also available in English, Sinhalese and Tamil. “We have brought our entire organization together on the theme #safetyfirst, where we stick strictly to the protocols and actions taken by the authorities to protect our employees, drivers and customers,” said Jiffry. PickMe, founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Zulfer Jiffry, was the first start-up to support IFC in Sri Lanka. THE $2.5 million invested by IFC has helped make travel to Sri Lanka safer. It also increased revenues for the company`s engines and supported the growth of Sri Lanka`s start-up ecosystem. There are risks associated with driving during curfew. But PickMe worked with local police stations to get their drivers` permission.

In order to provide support in the current situation, the company has set up an emergency hotline, which is occupied by home staff. Honestly, I don`t know if S.M. Muhammad is with this taxi service. But I traveled with him, first, on a tour of Columbo. We worked out a fair deal and I had the tour I was hoping for. Muhammad was patient, friendly and a careful driver. Notice, we were in tuk-tuk, not a closed taxi. I loved him so much that I hired him to take me to the airport.

It`s a long, hot and dusty trip, but I was close to town and enjoyed it. I recommend this man and give his phone numbers: (1) 0722-938862, (2) 0775-838662, (3) 075-8787909.

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