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State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2019

In accordance with the government`s public sector wage policy, it is expected that employees of the basic agreement will receive a one-time payment for the resolution of negotiations through a certified agreement. On 3 October 2018, the Industrial Union of Employees requested assistance from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) for the agreement on the negotiations of the contract negotiations of the public authorities (basic agreement). That is why the negotiations are now in conciliation. Oir is attending conciliation conferences on behalf of the government and will request, if necessary, the presence of representatives of the agencies. Yesterday, the State Government made legislative changes to the Industrial Relations Act 2016 to implement the Prime Minister`s announcement that it would result in a “wage freeze” in the 2020/2021 fiscal year. The Labour Relations Board will now meet with union negotiators to complete the development of the proposed replacement agreement. On 17 January 2020, an agreement in principle was reached with all parties to the trade union negotiations. Queensland Health Building, Engineering – Maintenance Services Certified Agreement (No.7) 2019 Public servants covered by the basic agreement will receive a 1.75% pay increase today. The increase in wages is the result of the joint search for a 1.75% increase in premium wages due to state salaries. Recently, the Courier-Mail has published numerous articles on public sector claims.

More than once, the government seems to have used the newspaper for political announcements without accompanying details. I wanted to make it clear what we know and what the government has before it will continue with the approval of the agreement in principle, in accordance with the Denser procedure. Once this approval is confirmed, the single payment will be processed and further communications regarding the date of payment will be made. The government and all parties will now work on a replacement agreement. Once this process is complete, more information on the proposed agreement will be made public and all staff covered by the agreement will be put to a vote. On September 13, 2019, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission set hearing dates for basic arbitration. A replacement agreement is negotiated centrally by agency representatives and representatives of your union. The list of unions that are parties to the basic agreement is posted here. The State Government`s 2015 Certified Agreement (Basic Agreement) expires this year. This agreement includes terms and conditions of employment for you and other staff of your agency.

In the meantime, display a copy of the contract officials (PDF, 288KB). The election opens on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from 8 a.m. and ends on Friday, April 3, 2020 at 5 p.m. The government has prepared materials to allow GoVote, an independent electoral operator, to hold a vote on the proposed new basic agreement in 2019. The replacement agreement will cover the same key issues that will be addressed in the current agreement, including rates of pay; Classification structures Hours of work Holidays Worker orientation provisions; and many other things. The wage process is incorporated into the agreement as a legally binding process, but how this happens is uncertain given the current health pandemic.

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