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Xerox Service Agreements

For more information or to obtain these services, call 1-800-821-2797 or contact your local Xerox office. The machine downtime as short as possible FSMA service will reduce machine downtime due to a simple troubleshooting process. Remote Service Offerings (RSO) RSO helps customers resolve issues immediately without waiting for the CE visit. The high-quality FSMA service guarantees output quality through the use of original parts. With services ranging from device maintenance and repair to advanced technical support to Network Support Services, Xerox is able to meet all document support requirements. The most cost-effective way to get routine maintenance of your Xerox product. Cheaper and risky than time and hardware-based service. As Xerox has dedicated itself to excellence in after-sales support and services, our current policy is to support a product for at least five years after production ends. Deliveries will be available for this product as long as there is sufficient demand for these deliveries (at least as long as the product is taken care of). See Guarantees and Terms and Conditions – If you don`t have a Xerox service contract, you`ll need an accounting service call: instead of buying the toner whenever it becomes scarce, it is covered by the service contract. Like all repairs, the machine needs.

Yes, as long as your service contract is concluded. If this is not the case, termination fees may be incurred. The $25 covers all toners/service and we pay per print we do, which is about 1.9c a page that we are charged quarterly. Service agreements are different, but usually have a base amount, for example. B 25 USD/month, which contains a set number of impressions, say 3000. You then pay for everything on the 3000 impressions on a cost per print base, you say. Their fingerprints are probably all costs per print, as they are rarely included in a basic amount. Thank you for your comments! I learned a lot about our machine (and service contract/contract) over the last 24 hours.

I think what it started was a bit misleading on the part of my rep to move me to buy a new machine. I saw the dishonest step and it pushed me to dig. In any case, I think I`m going to renegotiate some things and maybe even rent a new unit, because it doesn`t work… Thank you again for all your comments… I think it just helped me in one way or another! To purchase or renew a service contract, add supplies or learn about our unique service features, call 1-866-382-4865. Avoid problems before they happen and quickly solve problems with our advanced diagnostic technology, including our global knowledge exchange database – a powerful database with innovative solutions and advice that all of our support and service agents can easily access. If your company needs services that are not mentioned above, please contact us. Trust you to choose the best possible service to support your investment in Xerox technology. More productivity for your business. Maximum operating time and quick reaction means your employees spend less time on waiting time and more time working.

All-in-one service for uncompromising quality assurance, excellent cost control and unparalleled customer service. Customers have a number of options for providing on-site telephone support and service for products covered by a Xerox service contract, including: A time and hardware service call is provided at the best response time If your requirements go beyond the maintenance and repair of the equipment, we also offer network support and repair and extensive technical support to improve all your office requirements.

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