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Sales Partner Agreement

Before drafting a partnership agreement, the following details must be worked out between potential partners: f. HubSpot Leads. We may choose to introduce you to one of our interested parties or send you information about it if we discover that the interested party may need the services you offer (a “HubSpot-Lead” each). We can do the same for other partners among us, even if it`s for the same HubSpot Lead. You may only use the information provided on the HubSpot lead for marketing and selling your services to them and not for any other purpose (unless the HubSpot lead agrees elsewhere). Immediately upon the HubSpot-Lead`s request, you will immediately cease and delete any use of the HubSpot-Lead information. HubSpot leads are considered our confidential information and are treated in accordance with the “Privacy” section below. While there are no direct costs for a partnership contract, the costs of legal advice, development and document processing are to the lawyer and can reach 2000 $US. It`s also a good idea to review the models for distribution agreements before proceeding.

Leave nothing to chance: it`s tempting to finalize a channel partner contract as quickly as possible. But that`s not a mistake you want to make. Rushing into a channel partner agreement or trying to do it on your own will likely lead to a lot of headaches in the future. Writing down all the terms of this agreement takes time and effort, but it`s much wiser than risking the future of your business because you`ve omitted something. If you are considering a partnership, there are a number of additional benefits for the company. Developing partnerships with companies focused on distribution channels, distribution and marketing helps companies sell their product or service effectively while focusing most of their resources on the production itself and the development of their products. Sometimes companies will legally work in partnership and associate two companies with the intention of making a profit. It is important to keep in mind, in your company`s channel partnership agreement, that they are not employees of your company. Instead, make sure your partners are registered in the agreement as independent contractors. This protects your business from having to pay the benefits or tax costs of a partner company. The same section should also include all sales promotion services offered by the company, for example.

B the distribution of product models or sales literature. The next section should include all the responsibilities and expectations of the channel partner.. . .

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