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You Tube`s About To Lose European Sort Of Agreement

I think we can all agree that Article 13 must disappear. Where I wonder is the interpretation of the rest of the directive. Article 3 (or rather 3A) GIVES anyone with access to a work the right to create texts and data. We would like to lose the possibility of removing the potential exit by explicitly stating that the work should not be dismantled, but that is progress. In addition, Articles 7 to 9 represent a real step forward – a default exception for the use of out-of-print works. Just because there is a law in Germany (happy Germany) and it is new does not mean that it works as an argument to prevent the same progress from being promoted elsewhere. Before I let you go, I want to talk about Phil Libin, the interpreter on camera on video. Tell me what you`ve learned about how to be good at video. By focusing on multinational platforms such as YouTube, the Directive loses sight of the cultural and economic potential that the Internet could bring to Europe. Europe is culturally rich. Why should innovations for unexpected, interesting and usable cultural materials, as I have described with my examples, be more difficult here? Overall, the Directive has methodological shortcomings. From my personal point of view, the EU would lose little if it were simply rejected. Yes, I think it`s as big as the Internet.

As big as .com, we say. It`s not so much that the Internet has replaced everything, but that it has integrated itself into the fabric of almost every transaction in life. And I think the same thing happens with video. It does not replace face-to-face interactions. It`s just that for almost 100% of people and businesses, video will be an essential and everyday element for many, many, many things. Libin came to the Source Code podcast to talk about Mmhmm, his vision for the future of video, and what the future holds for Zoom, Teams and the rest. He also has some tips on how to become a better performer in front of the camera. Because we would like it or not, that`s who we all are now. I think a lot of people don`t want to think of themselves as interpreters.

But they are, and they just don`t admit it. They want to think they`re brilliant at their job and thinking about how to be a better performer is kind of among them. If you think so, you will suck. We have not thought about it too much, in those terms. It started as a joke. We built it for ourselves because we were all on Zoom and everything else. And it was just a little boring, and we had fun trying to make people smile a little bit. So we didn`t have any major ideas for a global analysis of the market or the competition. I`ll never do like I went to the doctor after the pandemic again because it`s better that way, right? It`s better to do everything online, get recipes in the mail, not have to queue, don`t sit in traffic. .

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