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Teague Gray

Born and raised in Colombo- Sri Lanka, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering with Honours from the University of Westminster, London. After which I started working in Web development. Somewhere down the line I developed a love for websites, their designs, their interfaces and how the information was visually presented. I noticed I had a knack for making eye-catching imagery and typography whilst maintaining good information presentation.

I then started working for one of the leading web design companies in Sri Lanka, pyxle Ltd. After which I moved on to a product oriented company, WSO2 ltd. A leader in Enterprise Server Middleware, I honed my user interface design and front end development skills here.

Deciding I had to study this further and also wanting a fresh breath of air, I moved to Melbourne Australia, where I obtained my Masters in Multimedia Technology, delving into my love for cinematography and video production I also gathered many skills in new areas of expertise.

Finally I joined the workforce once again as UI Artist at Electronic Arts, a company and brand synonymous with video games and making people smile. At Firemonkeys Studios I then learned User Experience design and put most of that into practice while developing many features and eventually leading the UI team.

Currently working on Real Racing 3 as UI Lead, oversee and create visuals and User interfaces for the games core features and marketing material.

Other than that, I love typography, Comics, TV, Film, Photography, Sneakers, Sneaker culture, Fashion and Cars!

UI / UX Design – Photography – Web Design – Print Design

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